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SENSO: Quantum Physics Meets Beauty Science

How can this be? Cosmetic science has been promoting Beauty Enhancement with natural remedies and substances. More recently, synthetic compounds have been added in the effort to maximize beauty-enhancing effects. As well as these cosmetics have worked for many, they still are working with the body from a very limited, materialist perspective. Modern science has now fully embraced Einstein's observation that matter and energy are made of the same 'stuff' and are interchangeable. Therefore, nothing is purely material, including physical bodies.


The SENSO Beauty Rejuvenation Software was designed to facilitate a deep relaxation process using subtle vibrational re-patterning possibilities of the Eternale, Indigo, SCIO and Eductor device. Being conscious of those patterns is fundamental in being empowered to make changes in our lives. Real beauty comes from within and when we feel good about ourselves we radiate that beauty outward. By learning to let go of the thought patterns and beliefs that are so entrenched in us through our daily environment and upbringing we begin to retrain new healthy thought patterns. The SENSO Beauty Rejuvenation Software uses guided imagery and carefully orchestrated compositions sounding the lost solfeggio tones to support meditative states. This leading-edge technology is the first of its kind to work with relaxing the muscles which cause facial lines, wrinkles, and unhealthy patterns of holding while also addressing internal belief systems which create stress and tension.


The SENSO Beauty System brings you an oasis of Relaxation & Rejuvenation. Its highly sophisticated technology interfaces with an advanced software program to facilitate relaxation, stress reduction and enhanced appearance on three levels.

1. Carefully orchestrated musical compositions with the lost Solfeggio Tones deeply support meditation and relaxation.

2. Guided visualizations and audio relaxation exercises help elicit innate thoughts of positive self-esteem, body image, stress relief, weight management and much more.

3. A high-speed digital interface emitting gentle, almost imperceptible vibrations facilitates the enhancement of appearance. This process relieves muscle tension, assuages the mental state and softens facial lines. The result is a more harmonious association of mind and body.



Rejuvenations – The Beauty software enables you to customize your own 30 or 60-minute session. Choose from:

• Energy Restoration – for restoring energy

• AntiAging – for youthfulness

• Stress Reduction – for calming and reducing acute and chronic stress

 • Environmental Stressors – for reducing effects of environmental stress factors

• Face and Beauty – for enhancement of face and beauty aspects Weight Management – for controlling weight to reach the ideal level

• Skin and Hair – for quick enhancement of skin and hair

• Body Scan and Reshape – for body toning and remodeling

• Relieve Effects of Gravity – for turning back effects of time

• Physical Exercise Motivation– for increasing motivation and overall fitness level

• Opal Rejuvenation 25 – Energy Restoration, AntiAging, Stress Reduction, Environmental Stressors – 30 minutes

• Pearl Rejuvenation 55 – The above four PLUS Face and Beauty, Weight Management, Skin and Hair, Body Scan and Reshape – 60 minutes

• Crystal Rejuvenation 20 – An Energetic Overall Facelift – 30 minutes

• Sapphire Rejuvenation 55 – Energy Restoration, AntiAging, Stress Reduction, Environmental Stressors PLUS Relieve Effects of Gravity – 60 minutes

• Rejuvenations – Individual Rejuvenation Programs – 60 minutes


Recent studies indicate that a series of microcurrent treatments can:

• Increase circulation and oxygenation

• Re-educate muscles

• Disperse hardened collagen (scar tissue)

• Sculpt and contour the muscles of the face

• Increase natural collagen production by 14%

• Increase natural elastin production by as much as 48%

• Increase blood circulation by 38%

• Accelerate cellular repair and function

• Trigger production of important amino acids and ATP!

Bioresonance, Biorésonance, Biorezonanz, Biofeedback. Naturopathe, Naturopath, Natural therapy, Thérapie naturelle, Alternative medizin, Médecine douce, Anti-aging, Anti-âge, Crassier, Vaud

Genève, Geneva, Genf, Nyon, Lausanne

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