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  • Strengthen your immunity against the Coronavirus and other viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungus with Quantum Technologies: the EDUCTOR

  • Assessment and strengthening of the immune organs (thymus, lymphatic organs such as tonsils, adenoids, appendix; spleen)

  • Reconstruction of the intestinal flora

  • Allergy treatment

  • Lifestyle coaching and diet tips

Bioresonance, Biorésonance, Biorezonanz, Biofeedback. Naturopathe, Naturopath, Natural therapy, Thérapie naturelle, Alternative medizin, Médecine douce, Anti-aging, Anti-âge, Crassier, Vaud

Genève, Geneva, Genf, Nyon, Lausanne

Infection immunity viruses bacteria fungus parasites Immune system autoimmune disease allergies Bowel Intestinal flora digestion
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